A New Fire

Let me preface this by saying I’ve been reading a book. Imagine that. 😛 But this isn’t an ordinary book. It’s a book centered around finding a purpose for your life that changes the world. Sound strange? I thought so, too, until I realized WHY it sounded so strange.

As you guys already know, I’m big on dreams. I’m constantly talking about dreams and your determination to get them. There is not a single successful person out there (who’s become successful by admirable means) who has not had a dream. I’ve struggled, though, because my dreams have lacked motivation. My life itself has lacked motivation. I want to publish a book so badly but I struggle to find the time to write it. I want to invest and make a difference in people’s lives, but I don’t know how. Have you ever felt like that? Where you know something is important, but you don’t know what it is or how to get there? I have a fantastic job where I get to help women realize their true beauty, but I wasn’t excited about it. I have the ability to write great stories, but it was hit or miss.

And then I started to read this book. I realized that my life wasn’t going anywhere. I was living each day like I was running on a treadmill. I forced myself to wake up in the morning, do my routine with the baby, stare at the disaster of my house, sit down and waste time on the computer, put him down for a nap, stare at my work and try to find the energy, wake him up, do chores, freak out about all the things I was failing at, make dinner, worry about money, put the baby to bed, and “relax” from a long day by watching tv. I was exhausted every single night, and every single night I’d fall into bed wondering where all the time was going. I was running in circles, stuck in a loop.

But now I’ve found an outside motivation. R. Lynn has it with her desire to educate young women about the truth of love and sex. C. S. Lewis had it in his desire to share a more relatable form of his beliefs. Ray Bradbury had it in his desire to warn future generations, as did George Orwell. Mother Theresa had the desire to help those in desperate need. Martin Luther had the desire to free his people from prejudice. Abraham Lincoln had the desire to begin the fight for equality. And I’ve joined their number. I am, undoubtedly, a very small part but I’m no longer trying to find the motivation from within myself.

So, after all this talking, this is my question: what drives you? Is it bringing light to some much ignored problem? Is it to support a cause? Is it to spread a certain idea? What is your outside motivation? What gives you the fire to get up and get going every day, that makes an impact on the world around you?

Mine is to empower the women around me to realize their part in life and to raise my children in the same way. 🙂


About S. G. Ricketts

I am a dreamer. This page holds all of the dreams and desires and hopes and wishes of the first of my two dreams: to share my imagination with the world. For those of you who have read a book or written a book, these stories are not merely words on a page. They are living, breathing creatures, worlds so compellingly real that you can smell the sweat and feel the rain. This is what I want to share ...with all of you. Yes, becoming rich and famous would be fabulous. I won't deny that. However, it would be so much more satisfying to see my book in the hands of someone on the bus, hear my book talked about at a restaurant, see a cluster of fan-art. I want to inspire the mind to imagine different worlds and different situations. If I can achieve that, I will have achieved my dream.

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