Author Interview: Tiffany Heiser

Author of Bonded With LoveGood morning, guys! To continue my author interviews, I have the lovely Tiffany Heiser, author of Bonded With Love. She and I bumped into each other in the Twitterverse and she is an absolutely great girl! So, let’s give a huge round of applause to Tiffany.


To start off, would you share with us where you are from and how you got started?

~ I was raised in Granbury, Texas, but now live in Fort Worth with my husband. I have been writing all of my life. I started off writing poems, which I found helped me to release any bottled up emotions. Writing down how I felt became therapy and so I continued with that until I decided I would try my hand at writing a novel. At that point I was in middle school and my attention span didn’t last long enough. So it wasn’t until about two years ago that it hit me that I wouldn’t be happy with myself if I didn’t try to write again, and that it truly was my dream to be a writer.

I sat down mid-September 2010 and started writing Bonded With Love, determined to see my dream come true.


So, what’s your latest news?

~ Well currently my short story The Past Returns, an interlude for Bonded With Love, is with my beta readers right now, and I’m pretty excited about this one. It gives more insight into the past as well as more information in situations that happened in Bonded, and even a little sneak peek into Book 2 of my With Love series!

I have started on Book 2, Struggled With Love, and hope to get that out by mid to late 2012.

Plus, a novel about demigods is underway. I expect that one to be out either late 2012 as well, or early 2013! Still working on a title…


When did you first consider yourself a writer?

~ I honestly didn’t consider myself a writer until I was halfway through Bonded. Yes, I knew I could write, but to call myself a writer wasn’t true until I brought the lives of my characters to life.


What inspired you to write your first book?

~ My brain is constantly filled with thoughts and ideas. Rena, my main character of Bonded With Love, popped into my head in a dream one day. And after that I couldn’t get her out of my mind, along with the many details that continued to flow through. The second I put the pen to paper every thought I had about Rena and her group of friends came pouring out. I knew I had to finish it.


Do you have a specific writing style?

~ My style…hmm…I’m a descriptive writer- I want to bring people into my world. I want you, the reader, to feel as if you are there running with them. Or scared with them, or empowered with the characters. And I will typically write first person in my books. I love giving the point of view of the Main Character so that you can know exactly what they are thinking and feeling.


How did you come up with the titles for these two latest works?

~ The title for Bonded took a while for me to come up with. It wasn’t until after I had finished the first draft and with some help from friends that I was able to come up with anything. I had quite a few different ideas come up, but I knew I wanted something that I could use for the next books in the series- to give it all a title-The With Love Series. Plus the word ‘Bonded’ fit throughout the whole book with what Rena has to deal with and come to terms with.

The Past Returns just fit perfectly with the short story. A basic title, but at the same time filled with a sense of dread and urgency.


Is there a message in your novels that you want readers to grasp?

~ No matter who you are, what you do, or where you come from, you can succeed. If you believe it you can achieve it.

Rena has to come to terms with being a vampire queen. She has to forget her doubts and push forward to fight for what she believes in and to become the strong individual that had been hiding in her.

There are moments where we could all search deep inside of ourselves to find that inner strength that has been hidden…


How much of the book is realistic?

~ There’s a small amount of the book that is realistic, only because a big chunk is about vampires and their government and lifestyle – things I created. But you also have the best friends who have to learn to grow up on their own, deal with classes, and handle boy drama(although their boy drama is a bit different than most).


Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?

~ The incidents in the novel are completely made up; however a few of the characteristics of my characters are made up of me or people that I know. Rena, in a small sense, fits my personality. She is quiet but able to speak up when needed. She is protective of those she cares about and a fighter until the end.

Cecile reminds me of my own best friend: outgoing, friendly to everyone, and always smiling through any situation. Cecile helps Rena keep going, as my own best friend has done for me.

The characteristics are more what I went with and then created the story around that.


What book has influenced your life most?

~ Honestly, Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. This book influenced me the most. If I hadn’t read the series years ago it wouldn’t have brought me back into the enjoyable world of reading and brought my creative thoughts and desires back.


If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

~ Richelle Mead- her Vampire Academy series brought out a whole new world of a vampire lifestyle. The action and descriptions pull you in at the first page. She had the strong female characters which I love.

Melissa Marr her amazing descriptions and beautiful writing pushed me to want to be as great as she is.

But there are many authors that inspire me daily to push to be as amazing as they are.


What book are you reading now?

~ Last Breath by Rachel Caine, a book in the Morganville Vampire Series. I love this series and love this book!


Name one entity that you feel supported you outside of family members.

~ I would have to say– all of the people on there are amazing. It is a website filled with aspiring writers banded together to help each other out to reach their goals. They all helped me beyond anything I could ask for.


Do you have any advice for other writers?

~ Follow your dreams. Don’t ever give up. Don’t ever think that something is impossible, because it isn’t. No matter what it is you want to do, if you feel passionately about it, do what you can to reach it.


Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

~ Thank you for reading this and thank you for your continued support! You all are why I as an author do this! Happy Reading!


Tiffany’s book Bonded With Love is for sale as a paperpack and an eBook. If Tiffany sounds as awesome to you as she does to me, check her out and follow her. She’s on Twitter as tiffany_heiser, and her website is


About S. G. Ricketts

I am a dreamer. This page holds all of the dreams and desires and hopes and wishes of the first of my two dreams: to share my imagination with the world. For those of you who have read a book or written a book, these stories are not merely words on a page. They are living, breathing creatures, worlds so compellingly real that you can smell the sweat and feel the rain. This is what I want to share ...with all of you. Yes, becoming rich and famous would be fabulous. I won't deny that. However, it would be so much more satisfying to see my book in the hands of someone on the bus, hear my book talked about at a restaurant, see a cluster of fan-art. I want to inspire the mind to imagine different worlds and different situations. If I can achieve that, I will have achieved my dream.

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