A Quick Pop-In

I know, I know! I’m so sorry! I’ve been gone for so long, and I’m vanishing again. Life has become increasingly hectic, between working full-time, running a small business on the side, and working as much as I can to finish up edits on Calypso. If only we has 28 hour days like Botany. (For those of you who got that Anne McCaffery reference, I applaud you.)

For now, though, I must hope to assuage you with small updates and good news. Chapters 1-4, as well as a brand spankin’ new prologue, have been edited (though still very rough). Calypso has been split into 3 separate sections within the main book, which should make things both clearer and more interesting (or so I hope). AND…. I have become polyamorous. Rather… I have created a Wattpad account, uploaded the Calypso prologue afore mentioned, and am debating whether it is up to the high standard BookRix set.

I would be much obliged if you would stop by and give the new writing a read. It’s short-only two pages-but hopefully marginally decent. (Oh, how modesty doesn’t become me…) Thank you all so much, and I hope to be back on here soon – and regular!


(Also feel free to visit my facebook author page https://www.facebook.com/authorsgricketts for updates, insights, and nerdy bookworm pictures.)


About S. G. Ricketts

I am a dreamer. This page holds all of the dreams and desires and hopes and wishes of the first of my two dreams: to share my imagination with the world. For those of you who have read a book or written a book, these stories are not merely words on a page. They are living, breathing creatures, worlds so compellingly real that you can smell the sweat and feel the rain. This is what I want to share ...with all of you. Yes, becoming rich and famous would be fabulous. I won't deny that. However, it would be so much more satisfying to see my book in the hands of someone on the bus, hear my book talked about at a restaurant, see a cluster of fan-art. I want to inspire the mind to imagine different worlds and different situations. If I can achieve that, I will have achieved my dream.

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