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After months on BookRix.com and years of reading various essays, short stories, and novels by friends and family, I’ve decided that it’s time to step out into the editorial world of wonder.

Let me make this VERY clear: I am not a professional editor. I go based off my knowledge as a writer and off my experience as a grammar nazi. I CAN be wrong, and I DO NOT know everything. But, I am very good at what I do. I am both a copyeditor and a developmental editor. In layman’s terms, I both check for basic grammar/spelling errors and I check for content issues. The majority of my work will be in developmental editing: character development, plot development, setting, consistancy, and clarity.  That said, I am not an easy editor. I will do my best to be positive and encouraging, but I will not sugar coat anything. If it sucks, I’ll tell you. I’ll say it nicely, but it will be blunt. If something doesn’t make sense, I’ll point it out. My everyday self and my editor self are completely separate. They have to be, if I’m going to give you an honest, thorough edit. Please don’t be offended or upset. My goal as an editor is not to take out any elements of yourself but to help make your writing clearer for the reader. I am not the editor who will give you the easy answers. You will find lots of questions scattered across your work. This is YOUR book, not mine. It’s up to you to figure out how you want to fix or tweak the things I point out.

Think of it this way: if you had a piece of spinach in your teeth, would you want me to smile and nod while staring in disgust at your teeth or would you want me to let you know? I personally would want you to let me know. That is how I edit. I want your story, whatever it may be, to be as good as it possibly can be. Better it go through me and be torn to shreds nicely than go to an agent or publisher or professional editor and be ripped to shreds, mocked, chewed on a bit, and thrown back in your face. Not a fun experience at all, in case you’re wondering.

I charge $15 an hour up to 300 pages.  If you go over 300 pages, it is $20 an hour and it had better be a fabulous book. An average book has roughly 250 pages, and I edit roughly 4-5 pages an hour (including all editing comments and tweaks). A rough quote for a book of 250 pages would be between $750 and $1000.  Sound like a lot? It’s a lot of work. A professional editor or freelance editor with all the qualifications and bells and whistles costs on average $60-$80 an hour. Most of us on here don’t have that kind of money, especially if we’re just starting out. That’s 4-5 pages an hour with edits, so a book of 250 pages would be between $3750 and $5000.  Note: prices were updated as of September 8 2013.

As to the genre of what I edit, I’ll read almost anything, given that you’re actually wanting to be published and that you have a basic handle on writing. I would love to help those of you who just want something a little tidier for a blog or a writing site, but I want to focus on those writers who are serious about becoming published. (On a side note, I’ll also edit for major contests or the like.) Life is busy for all of us and I’ll be juggling work, school, and my family as well as this. Don’t let that deter you from sending me something, though. My passion is to help other writers achieve their dreams, so feel free to inconvenience me with tons of projects.

All that said, bring on the books!

Feel free to leave me a message on here, on my facebook page, or via Twitter.

If  you have a project you would like me to consider, please send me a short message via Facebook that describes your book, the length, and your hopes for the editing, and attach the first three pages of your story. I reserve the right to decline for any reason. Payment is half up front and half when I have finished the work, so that we are both protected. I look forward to working with you.


Books I’ve Edited/Am Working On:

Tiffany Heiser’s Struggle With Love, coming out June 2013


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