Freedom From Chains

The little girl sits in the corner, party dress on, doll in her lap. Her green eyes stare, glassy and vacant. The doll’s eyes catch the candle light, seeming more alive than the girl. Ribbons and bows spill off the dress, pink against the lightness of her skin. She sits, back straight against the chair, waiting but not watching. People buzz around her, flies to the carrion called life. One small hand strokes the golden hair, one little finger rubs against the skirt. No one sees her. No one cares.
She is invisible. The tiara on her head and the name on the cake say it’s her birthday, but she is invisible. No one sees her, sitting there in the candlelight, glassy-eyed and still. In the background, she can hear her aunt’s shrill laughter, hated woman that she is. Her brow wrinkles slightly at the noise. Because of her aunt, she is in this poofy masterpiece of chiffon and lace. Her sleek grown-up girl dress hangs forgotten in her closet, green silk cast away for “something more suitable.” She blinks. Someone trips over her shoe, catches himself before he spills his drink, and continues on his way. She watches him, blank.
~Excerpt from Freedom From Chains
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Dust of the Earth
You stare up at me, big brown eyes, still squinty from the light. The cool night breeze wafts past the mouth of the cave, and you take a shuddering breath, burrowing your head in my breast. Your father is asleep just a few feet away, and the animals have finally gotten used to his snoring. Except for the cat…he keeps sneaking up and jumping whenever he snores.
I pull my scarf higher up your face, sheltering you from the mild weather. The sky is dark, a rich velvety black with little crusts of diamonds. Not that I’ve seen diamonds, but I’ve heard of them. Mother used to say that I was her little diamond. You’re now my little diamond.
~ Excerpt from Freedom From Chains
If you’d like to read more from “Dust of the Earth,” please buy Freedom From Chains at the Kindle store.

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